Why the *bleep* am I still not pregnant?

Discover the 5 powerful strategies that helped me conceive despite having a low AMH and Diminished Ovarian Reserve.

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Hi, I'm Cara

At 34 I was told I had a 1% chance of conceiving naturally with my own eggs and a 10% chance of ever conceiving with any form of Assisted Reproductive Technology.  In short, my egg supply was dwindling rapidly and the eggs I did have were terrible quality.

I was completely overwhelmed and gripped with fear that I wouldn't have my own children.  

But everything changed for me when I started to use mind-body techniques to move into a calmer more centred state. I was able to shift nagging negative beliefs and emotions, reduce my stress and anxiety, and truly embrace and enjoy life (despite my diagnosis).  

Despite the odds, I conceived my first son at 35 via IUI and my 2nd son (naturally!) at 37.  I went on to have perfectly healthy full term pregnancies.

The techniques I learnt have supported me through all seasons of my life and now I get to share these with my clients and enhance their fertility in a powerful way.


I get it, I've been there.  I was gripped with feelings of worry, fear, anxiety and uncertainty about my future.  I was doing ALLL the things and my fertility to-do list was growing by the hour.  I was spiraling down the rabbit hole of Dr Google, spending hours researching my fertility issue or looking for stories of hope.  I was confused where to start and where to put my time, energy and money.  I was operating my life in a state of complete fertility fog and felt completely stuck.

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