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Are you ready to gain momentum on your fertility journey?
When you make this one shift from living in your HEAD  and making all of the sensible and logical decisions to BEING in your body and taking aligned action from this place, your fertility journey will never be the same again.
Get ready to change the trajectory of your fertility journey forever with this one simple yet powerful practice. 

No longer will you be rushing, forcing, grasping for everything and anything that promises to help you conceive.  Because let’s face it, all that does is make us feel overwhelmed, depleted and burnt out AF. 

Step into a new way of BEING on your fertility journey that allows you to get back into your body and ground your energy so you can shift out of stress mode and into conception mode.  Reinstate the communication pathway between your mind and body and learn the language of your body and how to interpret it, so that you can tune in to what it REALLY needs to conceive.

This self-led practice is simple yet insanely powerful and will change your life… 

You will finally have the missing link on your fertility journey that for so long has been keeping you stuck and spinning your wheels.  This ONE practice alone holds the potential to collapse time and get your baby into your arms sooner.

Here's what you get:

+ Video lesson to immerse yourself in this new way of being and understand WHY this is so powerful on your fertility journey.

+ Embodiment Practice as an audio download, so that you can begin tapping into and embodying this new way of being and powerfully shift out of stress mode and into conception mode.

+ Worksheet to radically shift from depletion and exhaustion to optimized fertility. Integrate this practice into every cell of your body. Reflect on this practice and how this will become your guiding light for aligned action and a new way of being on your fertility journey.  

One of the most common things I see women doing who are struggling to conceive is going into fertility overdrive, running on cortisol and hypervigilance with a growing to-do list of everything they need to do in order to get pregnant…
Because the more busy, productive and the more we can squeeze out of our day, the better right...? Wrong. 

When really this is one of the biggest misconceptions because all of this doing, striving and controlling creates a stress response in the body, it can dysregulate the nervous system and very quickly pushes us toward burn out.  In order to conceive your body needs to feel safe. You can either be in stress mode or conception mode…. not both.
And this is why it can feel so exhausting and disheartening, because you're doing it all, you're doing it perfectly, and yet you're still not pregnant. 

I remember when I bought into literally anything & everything that promised enhanced fertility and rejuvenated eggs, and spent hundreds (if not thousands) on supplements, superfoods, and nutrition plans that never actually worked (or made me feel any better).
It’s like every month I was putting a new thing in my cart praying it would be the thing that would fix my fertility and get me pregnant.

But all this did was leave me stressed out, dysregulated, exhausted, overwhelmed and further away from my baby than ever before

I was running on fumes, I was constantly over thinking, over analyzing and over doing everything, and living my life from the neck up, completely disconnected from the very body that I wanted to conceive, gestate and birth my baby.

If you're on the relentless hamster wheel to get pregnant, living in your monkey mind, and doing everything that is logical and sensible in order to conceive, chances are you're in hyper-doing mode (aka stress response) and becoming more disconnected with your body, just as I was. 

And when you're always on the go, looking for the next magic pill or potion or person that can help you conceive, you’re going to be spinning your wheels when it comes to shifting out of stress response and into conception mode

THIS is why I created Becoming Fertile AF, because I see too many women continue to struggle with overwhelm, dysregulation and depletion that only prolongs their path to their baby, when really it could be as simple as the 1 simple yet profound practice that I share in Becoming Fertile AF….

Inside Becoming Fertile AF, I’m showing you…

A simple yet profound practice to get back into your body and ground your energy so you can shift out of stress mode and into conception mode

Reinstate the communication pathway between your mind and body so that you can shift beyond the stories of your mind that keep you trapped in fear, and move into the safety of your body

Learn the language of your body and how to interpret it, while building a dialogue with your body and tuning in to what it REALLY needs to conceive

Become so attuned to the messages of your own body that you can take aligned action, where decision making gets to be easy and you’re no longer looking outside of yourself for what to do next

Stop feeling like you are at war with your body, and work WITH your body in order to move you closer to conception

Shift out of stress response and dysregulation and anchor into safety, rejuvenate the flow of energy through your body and make the powerful shift into conception mode

When you master this practice that I teach you inside Becoming Fertile AF,  you’ll be able to flip the switch from dysregulation and stress mode and into grounded conception mode without having to do more, take more, read more, outsource more and spend more $$
Join me in Becoming Fertile AF for just $49!
Shift out of stress mode and into conception mode. 

Learn the foundation to EVERYTHING when it comes to conceiving with more ease and flow.  

Because the truth is, if you’re missing this one piece of the puzzle then you’ll continue spinning your wheels, feeling exhausted, depleted and dysregulated. 
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