It's time to optimize your fertility by moving to a place of flow and alignment...

Improving your chances of conceiving and experiencing a grounded and intuitive journey to conceive, doesn't have to mean suffering along the way.

It's possible to feel deeply connected with your mind, body and spirit at the same time and tap into your own powerhouse of inner resources and guidance on your journey to conceive (even if you've had a long and challenging road so far).

Let's get straight to the point...

So much of what we’ve been taught about fertility is WRONG.  

We were told at a young age that any time we had sex there was a chance we could get pregnant.  And as we grew older we believed that if something was a little off with our fertility, IVF would “fix” it.  And worst of all, we’ve always believed that our fertility is a physical issue only, fix the issue, override the imbalance, have the surgery or take the medication, and all will be well! 

And if you’re months or maybe even years into your fertility journey, you’re likely feeling disempowered, blind sided and quite frankly ripped off that we have been led to believe these things for so long, and now we realize so much of that was wrong and untrue. 

Fertility is so much MORE than just what’s going on our lady parts.

I realized this on my own fertility journey after hitting rock bottom, crying into a bottle of wine one night, utterly exhausted from the burnout and never-ending to-do list of 'should do's', and then I had the realization that...

There was no way that burnout, exhaustion and misery was optimizing my fertility.

Why would a baby come into the world from that place?

And so, I decided in that moment to make a massive shift in the way I was thinking, feeling, coping and BEING on my journey to conceive.

I shifted my focus from the doing, trying anything and everything to get pregnant, and being relentlessly productive in my pursuit to prove my medical team wrong, to viewing fertility with a completely new lens, that ultimately changed everything for me...

Instead of looking outside of myself for answers, guidance, permission and what to do next, I turned all of my attention inward, so that I could tap into my inner guidance and intuition, so that I could become self-sourced on my fertility journey and get back into the driver's seat. 

During this time, I decided to take 6 months "off" from all of the trying, and completely lean in to the inner work that was supporting me to uncover limiting beliefs, unravel where I was stuck on my fertility journey, and process and heal the energetic blocks that were causing resistance on my path to motherhood.  

I let go of the control, I loosened my tight grip on making this baby happen and allowed myself to peel back the layers of conditioning and programming that were holding me back, so that I could powerfully optimize my fertility from the inside out.

I could have never have imagined what would happen next...

After those 6 months of less doing, more BEING, and way more flow and ease, I conceived my son via our first IUI at 35, I then went on to conceive my 2nd son, naturally, at 37 (after being told I had a 1% chance of conceiving naturally, that IVF wasn't a viable option for me and I would need an egg donor in order to conceive).  

I experienced 2 completely healthy and full term pregnancies, and also had the tools to support me through those pregnancy jitters, the practices to lean on during both of my beautiful births, and now have the toolkit and embodied experience as I move through motherhood as a more conscious mama. 

And here's what I want you to know... what is possible for me, is entirely possible for you too.

Tell me if this sounds familiar...?

  • Your life feels stagnant and stuck even though you are doing EVERYTHING known to man-kind to increase your fertility and get pregnant.
  • You’re uncertain about what you’re “meant” to be doing, so you’re doing it all, doing it perfectly, and you’re still not pregnant.
  • With every month that passes and with every unsuccessful treatment, your confidence is flattened and you’re starting to feel unsure when and how this is going to happen.
  • Your relationship has become tense, timed and strained as you navigate the ups and downs of your fertility journey.
  • You can’t bear to see another pregnancy announcement on social media and you can’t help but feel a pang of jealousy and resentment when your friends fall pregnant at the drop of a hat.
  • You’re deep in the Google rabbit hole on the regular and find yourself scrolling for hours searching for the next pill, potion, tincture or tea, on your quest to get your baby into your arms.
  • And even though you are doing everything right and perfectly to make this baby happen, nothing is shifting in your physical reality.
  • And yet you still have this inner knowing that even though things aren’t quite going to plan right now, one day they will.
  • There’s that little voice inside of you, urging you to trust yourself, to have faith, to seek out answers and to follow your intuition.

And now you’ve been led to this very page...

Because you’re looking for that missing piece to your fertility puzzle that you haven’t found just yet (but you know that it exists).

You’re wondering if there’s a better way, a different way, a way that feels more aligned, and a pathway to your baby that doesn’t feel so stressful, fearful and hard.  You’re realizing that the current path you’re on in is leaving you exhausted, depleted and a shadow of your former self.  

I don’t know about you, but I certainly felt this way.

So what REALLY changed for me? What allowed me to conceive against all odds after being told I had a 1% chance to conceive naturally, that IVF wasn’t really an option for me and I needed donor eggs to conceive….

How did I conceive my first son via IUI at 35 (after being told I had a 6% chance of that working)?  How did I conceive my 2nd son NATURALLY at 37? How did I not become a
hot mess throughout my fertility journey, despite 4x failed IUI’s?  How did I keep my sh*t together, and hold on to my belief that my babies were inevitable and know that how I get to navigate through this time is up to me?

The answer?  

I tapped into the missing 75% of the fertility picture.  I realized that although I had this fertility diagnosis with a dismal prognosis, I CAN shift into my most fertile state emotionally, mentally and energetically.  These are all things that I get to control, these are all things that I have the power to influence, change and shift. And the beautiful thing is, now science is catching up to the fact that this missing 75%, has the potential to increase your fertility at a cellular level.  What we do emotionally and energetically has a significant impact on fertility outcomes and how quickly you can get (and stay) pregnant.

I’ve demystified this approach to fertility... 

I’ve made it easy to understand and integrate into your daily life. And most importantly I’ve made it easy to EMBODY. Because becoming your most fertile self is not about everything you are doing, but how you are BEING with your fertility, and that’s what changes everything for you on your fertility journey. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all of the information, all of the recommendations, the specialists, the appointments, what to do, what not to do, what to eat and what to eliminate, the supplements, the books, ALLLLLL the things… then come and learn how to simplify your fertility journey, be guided through the process every step of the way so that you can let go of the hustle and grind, and lean into your fertility growth journey with more ease and flow.

Imagine going from a place of hustle and burn out, to this....

Because here's the thing, it doesn't have to feel like this, you don't have to be weighed down and carry this on your back everyday.

It's totally possible for you to shift from a place of fear and suffering to a place of ease, joy and flourishing fertile potential! 


You can trust your body to conceive, you can trust your inner guidance and intuition and you're guided by this inner compass every step along the way. 


You have a renewed pep in your step as you say goodbye to exhaustion, depletion and fertility fatigue.  


Experience the shift that happens once you get back into your body and out of your monkey mind.  I'm talking better sleep, regulated nervous system, grounded energy that supports clear guidance and intuition.  


Step into aligned action from a calm and centred place of confidence and clarity.  You'll finally understand how to tap into your inner guidance so that you never need to
second-guess yourself again!


Fertile Frequency

A one of a kind program that will dive deep into the subconscious blocks that are causing resistance in your fertility journey.  You will process and heal what is keeping you stuck and then you get to integrate and embody a new way of BEING on your fertility journey, tapping into your fertile frequency and your most fertile AF self, so that you can create the family of your dreams.

Here's the tried and tested blueprint and better way to get pregnant

Tap into your Fertile Frequency with these three powerful phases, so you can conceive faster and with more ease and flow...


Re-connect with your body,
re-connect with you innate fertility, get back into your body, your fertile power, and uncover what is blocking your fertility. 


Re-align your mind, body and energy to the frequency of fertility.  Learn powerful ways to embody fertility so that you can flip the switch from struggle and resistance to conceiving from a place of ease and flow.


Step into your embodied feminine power and re-activate your fertility now.
Make decisions from a place of alignment, in full total belief, your fertility is activated and you know what is on your heart is meant for you.
You’ve become HER.  

You'll receive all of this in Fertile Frequency...

24 powerful video lessons to transcend what's holding you back and
become fertile AF

All video lessons have been pre-recorded and are accessed through your online course portal. The videos are released module by module, and you also have audio-only downloads, so you can listen to the lessons on your drive to walk or when you're out for a walk.  

Monthly Q&A Group Coaching Calls with me 

We will have monthly Q&A calls.  You get to submit your questions ahead of time, and if you miss the live calls, no worries, the recordings are uploaded to your online course portal, so you'll never miss out on the juicy goodness from these calls and you can watch them at a time that's convenient for you.

A private and supportive community

You can jump into the sisterhood chat anytime to share your experiences or
A-ha moments, provide support and encouragement for one another and connect whenever you feel called to jump in. This is a safe space to share and be supported. 

Embodiment Toolkit

You'll have all of the meditations, visualizations and embodiment practices to radically shift your fertility experience in your back pocket.  This isn't a cookie-cutter course, so you'll tap into these recordings throughout the course as you uncover deeper layers of fertility healing that are unique to you.

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Here's what the research says...

I would have never considered myself a particularly woo-woo person, and my approach isn't about 'think yourself pregnant and it will magically happen', it's grounded in science and research that shows in supporting yourself emotionally, mentally and energetically, you're also optimizing your chances of conceiving.  

And now that I've seen how powerful this work is, I would have to say that I'm your "practical woo-woo" girl.  I love to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, because I've seen the magic that can happen from this place!  And now the science backs all of this up.... check out the research...

Improves your chances of conceiving through IVF and IUI
“Women who participated in a stress management program before or during their second IVF cycle had 160% greater pregnancy rate than women who had not”(Domar and Nikolovski, 2002)
4.47 times higher pregnancy rates 

“In a recent study of a Boston Mind+Body program, women experienced significant decreases in anxiety and depression and a 4.47 times higher pregnancy rate.”
(Clifton, 2020)
More than doubles your chance to conceive

From a study by Harvard University, women who undertook a mind-body program were over twice as likely to conceive vs those who didn’t.  Of the women that got pregnant, 76% did so naturally (without medical intervention) within 12 months despite their age, number of years trying or diagnoses.

Client Love

You've made me feel comfortable and calm from our very first meeting and I left our meeting feeling hopeful! Your passion for helping woman walk calmly and fearlessly through their fertility journey is really what keeps me coming back each week. I just want to keep learning more, you are so informative and you've really given me a different way of thinking and viewing my fertility journey. I love that you know the science behind the tools and strategies you've taught me and I know I will carry these with me into all areas of my life moving foward.


Since working with you I have noticed a huge shift in my mindset, not just with my fertility journey but with life in general. You have created such a safe space where I feel valued and listened to. I look forward to our sessions each week and the new tools you give me to carry through my journey with a positive mindset.

(Toni conceived on her first round of IVF and is expecting her baby girl any day now!)


I'm Cara

I help conscious mamas-to-be (like you) spark their divine fertile potential so they can conceive faster, easier and with more flow. 

I bridge the gap between science and spirituality, and take the best of both worlds so that my clients have the absolute best chance to optimize their fertility at a deep, embodied, energetic and cellular level.  

Since conceiving my first son (against all odds, I might add), I've been obsessed with the inner work for enhancing fertility. I combine my training in Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique, Transformational Coaching, Feminine Energetics and Embodiment, and Womb Awakening and Healing to provide a truly game-changing transformation, that not only increases fertility but also creates the healing that is needed to be a conscious mama, partner, friend, sister, daughter and all the things!

Because conscious work, creates conscious conception, which creates conscious pregnancy, and into conscious motherhood, and beyond. 

When you join Fertile Frequency, you will step into a nurturing journey of empowerment and transformation with me as your fertility coach. I provide an open and trusted space that paves the way for healing and growth throughout your fertility journey.  

I can't wait to work with you, to empower you on your unique path to motherhood xx

Is Fertile Frequency for you?

  • Do you feel frustrated that everything you’ve done so far hasn’t resulted in getting your baby into your arms?
  • Tired of constantly wondering, what should I be doing, what should I do next?
  • Feeling completely stuck on what to do next because you feel like you've already done EVERYTHING
  • Overwhelmed by the uncertainty of when you’ll finally get pregnant and have your baby
  • Feeling burnt out by the hustle and grind of the relentless fertility rollercoaster
  • Triggered AF by every pregnancy announcement, baby shower and gender reveal?
  • Hot mess of emotions most days, happy one minute, sad the next, quietly crying in the work toilets or in your car on the drive home?
  • Prepped with your one liner responses ahead of family or friend gatherings with a knot in your stomach and a smile on your face
  • Sick of feeling less than, ashamed, fearful and anxious all the time
If you said yes to even one of these questions, then Fertile Frequency
was created for you. 


I'm preparing for IVF or possibly IUI, is this course suitable for me?

Yes, absolutely!  Research shows that attending a mind-body program ahead of IVF or IUI treatment, increases your chance of successful conception.  Fertile Frequency would be an amazing way to prepare your mind, body and soul ahead of your fertility treatments, to create the best possible fertile soil, ahead of your fertility treatment.  

I'm over 40, can this course help me?

100% yes!  If you're over 40, and you're still ovulating, you CAN get pregnant.  Even when our fertility begins to "decline" we generally still have thousands of eggs. The work we do in Fertile Frequency will increase your fertility despite your age, diagnosis or amount of time you've been trying to conceive.  

I can't make the live call times, will that be an issue?

No problem!  All live coaching calls will be recorded and uploaded to the online course portal for you to watch at a time that's convenient for you.  And you'll also be able to submit questions ahead of each call, so you won't miss out. 


How do I know this course will be different to everything else I've been doing?

I totally get it!  You've been doing it all, trying it all, and on a relentless quest to get pregnant, I've been there! But what I find is that many clients have an integral piece missing from their baby-on-board plan...  The inner conscious work, that dives deep into the programming and conditioning that is being held in our cells, our tissues, our neural pathways, that is holding us back from conceiving with ease and flow.  This course really is like no other.  


A final note from me...

I believe there is a reason you were led here.  

If you’re on this page right now, you’re craving a new approach to your fertility that gets results.  You know there’s waaayyyyy more to this thing we call fertility, than meets the eye. 

You know deep down there’s an easier way and you’re ready to experience your fertility journey through an entirely new lens. The good news is that your baby, your family, your soul’s creation is already inevitable, and inside of Fertile Frequency, you’ll see exactly how.

Because here’s the truth, when you thrive in your own life first, that’s when you’re more likely to thrive in your fertility.  

In Fertile Frequency you will experience your fertility journey as a personal growth journey that you will lead with intention and conviction.  You get to clear the path to your baby by uncovering what is holding you back from conceiving with ease, heal from what is keeping you stuck, and create a fertile environment from the inside out.  

You will learn, integrate and EMBODY my best tools to shift your mindset, emotions and energy to a more fertile way of thinking, being and conceiving.

If your soul is screaming for a simplified, aligned and effective AF course in aligning to your fertile frequency so you can conceive with more ease and flow, then this is it!

It’s time for you to live the life you know you’re meant for…