Break through the hidden blocks to activate your full fertile potential, and live your best life in the process

Ditch the burn out and overwhelm and step into optimized fertility from a place of grounded confidence and peace
Dive into the mind-body-energetics approach to conceive with ease and flow, without it taking over your life
Become the conscious mama
you desire to be

This is what is possible for you...

Do less and become MORE fertile, whilst ditching burn out and overwhelm for good

Tap into your own inner resources to radically shift the trajectory of your fertility journey

Transform your fertility from the inside out, and live your best life along the way!

Collapse time with a tailored program for YOU, clearing away the hidden blocks to conceiving

Live life to the fullest, take your finger off the pause button and enjoy life now (even before baby)

Does this sound familiar....?

  • You feel like you “should” be doing more to get pregnant, but you’re already reading the books, taking the supplements, restricting your diet, and quite frankly you’re overwhelmed, burnt out and unsure where to turn to next.  
  • You’re trying harder than anyone else to get pregnant, and still there’s radio silence on the baby front. 
  • Your mind is forever ruminating on why this isn’t happening for you, what you’re doing wrong, it’s all my fault, my body is broken, and the pressure is unbearable.  
  • You’ve hard-worked your way to great success in so many areas of your life, but all of a sudden, all of your productive, high-achieving strategies aren’t working. 
  • And despite it all, you still feel like you’re not doing enough, there must be more to do, and you’re looking for that one missing piece that will bring everything into alignment for you (and your baby).
And I’m here to let you know something… you’re doing enough, this isn’t your fault, and there is a better way…
Because here’s the truth…

 Fertility may have nothing to do with your lady parts. 

Just because you’ve received a diagnosis of “infertility” does not mean you are infertile!

You have inner resources at your fingertips that can radically transform your physical body and your fertility, without seeing another expert, spending more money, or taking more tinctures, tea’s and supplements 

When your mind, body and energy is in balance, fertility is your natural innate state

Every single physical symptom, imbalance or diagnosis has an energetic and emotional layer to it 

My approach to fertility allowed me to conceive twice against all odds, at 35 and 37, and my method is scientifically proven to increase fertility and reproductive treatment outcomes 

When we work with my unique approach of energetics + feminine embodiment + subconscious programming + aligned strategy… magical AF things start to happen (not just in your fertility, but in your life!)

To know “in”fertility is to have lived it, and I’ve been there.

Every month I was hopeful THIS month was it, every disappointment would chip away at my belief just a little more.  

I was convinced my body was working against me, and somehow I needed to override my fertility diagnosis in order to get pregnant.  

I would feel triggered AF at every baby shower, gender reveal, baby announcement, hell - even pregnant bellies on the street, wondering why them and not me.
Jealousy, comparison and heartbreak constantly flooding my entire body. 

Eventually, all of the doing, controlling, fertility f*ckery that messes with your head every single day of every single month, finally got the best of me. And fertility burn out kicked my ass. 

I realized that not only was all this hypervigilance affecting me mentally and emotionally, it was depleting me physically.  And my body gave me a very clear message… this is NOT the path to your baby.  

And that’s how I can tell you with complete conviction, that doing everything “right”, doing everything you “should” be doing, throwing everything at this, and trying to be as perfect as possible in the process, is not going to serve you on this particular project (AKA project baby!)

But because we’re living in a culture that praises perfection, that convinces us that logic is superior to intuition, that working harder will allow us to achieve more, that broken bodies require medical interventionwe’re convinced that WE must be the problem.  

We’re not doing something right, we must be the problem, we need to do more.

My body is broken, and we layer on more shame, blame and guilt for not getting pregnant as easily as everyone else and attach more pressure to this baby.

Because without it we don’t feel enough, we’re not worthy, we’re not good enough and we don’t feel validated in this high-achieving world we live in

And it is this approach to fertility that drives burn out, dysregulation, overwhelm and a complete disconnection to the very body that we want to conceive, gestate and birth our baby.  

And if you’re reading this now and nodding your head, I want you to know something… this isn’t your fault, this is the way we’ve been conditioned to think, act and behave in today’s modern society.  

Your body is not broken, and your body CAN heal… the cells in your body are responding every day to the messages we send it… and you have so much more influence over your fertility than you’ve been led to believe.

We just need to shift your approach to your fertility and magical AF things can happen

Just let that sink in for a moment…

When you work with me 1:1 in my Being Fertile AF program, you flip the switch from burnout and overwhelm to optimized conception from a grounded place of doing less (and being more FERTILE) in just 12 weeks.

Say goodbye to…

  • …Feeling overwhelmed and burnt out by your fertility journey, second guessing every decision, investment, tincture and treatment
  • … Allowing every “failure” to chip away at your confidence, belief and trust in your body that conceiving your baby is possible
  • … Exhausting yourself with doing everything, taking everything, seeing everyone, in a desperate bid to find the missing piece to your fertility journey 
  • … Feeling not good enough, unworthy and faulty, because you’re not pregnant… yet 
  • … Dysregulation, anxiety and fear as you lay awake at night ruminating on the what if’s and everything that’s going wrong

Instead, you’ll...

  • … wake up feeling grounded in your body and knowing exactly what your mind, body and spirit needs in order to conceive
  • … have unwavering belief in your body and finally see momentum in your fertility journey despite months or years feeling like you’re treading water 
  • …  be doing less, and be MORE fertile, knowing that you’ve covered all of your bases to optimize your fertility in a way that is sustainable and tailored to you 
  • … Feel calm, confident and grounded, as you strip away the layers that are keeping you stuck, knowing that with each layer you are moving closer to mamahood
  • … Sleep soundly, knowing that the inner work you are doing is transforming your outer reality, as you step into the empowered, next-level version of yourself, all from a place of ease, flow and alignment


Being Fertile AF

My highest proximity 1:1 coaching program, where you get to immerse yourself in my proven fertility method (that allowed me to conceive twice, at 35 and 37, against all odds)

Break through the hidden blocks to activate your full fertile potential, and live your best life in the process.


Here is your 3-step plan to radically transform your fertility, ditch burn out and overwhelm and step into the grounded, empowered and Fertile AF conscious mama that you desire to be.



Re-connect with your body,    re-connect with your innate fertility, get back into your body, your fertile power, and uncover what is really blocking your fertility.



Re-align your mind, body and energy to the frequency of fertility.  

Learn powerful ways to embody fertility so that you can flip the switch from struggle and resistance to conceiving from a place of ease and flow. 



Step into your embodied feminine power and  re-awaken your fertility now. 

Make decisions from a place of alignment, in full and total belief, your fertility is activated and you know what is on your heart is meant for you. You know what your body needs, you know what your baby needs.  

You’ve become the conscious mama you desire to be.

Once you embody the practices, resources, healing and radical transformation that you’ll experience in Being Fertile AF, you’ll finally feel worthy of this one beautiful happy life, NOW (yes, even before your baby arrives)

  • You’ll finally let go and trust in the process.
  • You’ll happily let your hair down and have a guilt-free cocktail with your besties, heck maybe even 3!
  • You’ll release the hustle and grind mentality, knowing that you’re able to do less, AND become more fertile 
  • You’ll savor a new sense of spaciousness and lightness in your life, as you peel away the layers that are weighing you down and keeping you stuck
  • Your friends, family and colleagues will wonder what you’re doing, because you’re walking with a spring in your step and you’re glowing!
  • Quite frankly, you’ll be so distracted by how good life can get, that you’re not bothered about testing, charting, tracking and micro-managing every aspect of your fertility.
  • You know your baby is inevitable, so you can take the pressure off and know that everything is gaining momentum and happening for you behind the scenes.


  • You want the tools, practices and knowledge of how to trust your body again and tune into its messages, without restricting and overwhelm
  • You want to get pregnant, without the heavy fear and worry of a loss, without constant questioning whether your body is good enough
  • You so badly want to trust this is going to happen for you, without letting fear and self doubt hijack your thoughts
  • You crave the powerful inner work, the energetics and embodiment practices to become the conscious mama you desire to be, not just more information and strategy
  • You want to trust and let go, without needing to control and micro manage everything
  • You want to feel calm, peace and joy on your fertility journey, not needy, obsessive and desperate
  • You desire to have a healthy, happy baby, without putting everything else on pause, and without losing yourself along the way
  • You’re ready for a fertility pathway that feels light and simple, AND gets to the root of what’s holding you back and what you need, without the pressure to do things perfectly
Being Fertile AF is the secret sauce to shift the limiting beliefs, patterns, energetic blocks, and subconscious programming that is keeping you stuck on your fertility journey, so that you can release the resistance in your mind, body and energy and step into your innate Fertile AF self in just 12 weeks.


  • 3 months of 1:1 access to me in my highest proximity fertility coaching program
  • Twice monthly calls to uncover, process and heal the blocks that are keeping you stuck
  • Monday-Friday 1:1 access to me in our own private chat 
  • 24/7 access to a comprehensive healing toolbox of meditations, activations and embodiment practices so that you can integrate and embody the healing at lightning speed
  • BONUS: Lifetime Access to my signature online program “Fertile Frequency” valued at USD $1,999 
  • Payment plan options available

How is this fertility coaching different?

My fertility coaching is unlike anything you’ll find with someone else. This isn’t about more information, or simple stress and boundary setting exercises.  

Because those things are great and all, but it only scratches the surface.  

I’m here to support you to radically transform the trajectory of your fertility, and create changes at a cellular level. 

This isn’t about information, it’s about embodiment
It’s not about what you’re doing or not doing, it’s about who you are being
It’s not about putting your fertility into a box and trying to fix it, it’s about addressing your whole body (mind, body, energy). 
We go beyond the stories of the mind and beyond the symptoms of the body to access what is at the root cause at an energetic level.
I’m not here to give you tips and tricks to get pregnant faster, I’m here to peel away the deep layers within you that are creating the resistance and blocks to pregnancy 
I’m guiding you from a foundation of embodiment, energetics and my own lived experience.  I get it, I’ve been in the trenches, where you are now. 
This 1:1 experience will be all you need to support your fertility. You can breathe a sigh of relief and let go of everything else, and know that the work we are doing together is all that you need 
My coaching isn’t about just “getting pregnant’, it’s about becoming the conscious mama that you desire to be now, even before you see those 2 pink lines 

Heyyyy, welcome to this side of the internet where I support mama's

in waiting to optimize their fertility and shift into their most fertile self, now!

My name is Cara and I’m a certified Life Coach and mind-body-energetics expert.  
With training in Hypnotherapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and an Embodied Womb Facilitator, I support my clients to shift from fear and overwhelm on their fertility journey to peace of mind and joy. 

For years I struggled with my fertility at 33, I was told I had a 1% chance of conceiving naturally, 6% chance of success with IUI, and to double down on those stats, I wasn’t even a good candidate for IVF.  

My only option was donor eggs.  I jumped right into all of the doing, the hypervigilance, the never ending to-do lists, and spent precious time, energy and plenty of money on anything and everything I could get my hands on to get me pregnant.

Soon enough I was completely burnt out and overwhelmed, my body was depleted and I knew my baby was not on the other side of exhaustion and fertility fatigue. It wasn’t until I discovered the mind-body-energy connection that I realized, it wasn’t about doing more, it was about how I was being on my fertility journey, and focusing on what was truly in alignment for me and my future babies (and radically transforming my fertility in the process).

Fast forward to now, I have 2 energetic boys that keep me on my toes! Conceived at 35 via IUI, and then I conceived naturally at 37.

My approach is different to anything else you’ve heard about fertility, and why you may be struggling to conceive.  I bridge the gap between science and spirituality, so you get the best of both worlds, by not just “getting pregnant” but expanding and up-leveling to the conscious mama you desire to be.

No more to-do lists, no more doing more, no more exhausting yourself with all of the “shoulds” and “have to’s”, just a simplified and potent method that uncovers the root of what is causing resistance to you conceiving.

It’s time to go within, to stop sacrificing and outsourcing, because everything you need is already within you.  

When we work with your own inner resources…  your energy, your subconscious mind, your mind-body connection, you open up an entirely new world of fertile AF energy and abundance.  

This is what it looks like to step into the new paradigm of women's health and fertility

Are you ready to shed the layers that are creating resistance in your fertility, and step into your next-level fertile AF self, overflowing with belief, trust and grounded confidence…

Imagine how wonderful life could be if…

  • You wake up feeling clear headed and grounded, knowing exactly what your body needs to create a fertile environment for your baby 
  • You get to build unwavering belief in your body, you trust that it knows what to do, and you get to lean back and know that everything is creating momentum towards your baby
  • You get to uncover, process and alchemize the blocks that are creating resistance in your fertility, and you feel lighter as each layer unfolds
  • You get to release the white-knuckle grip you have on all things fertility, because you know that everything you’re doing inside of this program with me, is everything you need 
  • You get to do less, and become MORE fertile
  • You have the tools and practices at your fingertips to feel calm, confident and empowered as you navigate the ups and downs of your fertility journey
  • You finally find YOU again.  You get your spark back and start loving life again. Yes…  even before you see  those 2 pink linesYou wake up feeling clear headed and grounded, knowing exactly what your body needs to create a fertile environment for your baby You get to uncover, process and alchemize the blocks that are creating resistance in your fertility, and you feel lighter as each layer unfolds You get to uncover, process and alchemize the blocks that are creating resistance in your fertility, and you feel lighter as each layer unfolds 

Frequently asked questions

How soon can I start?

Yay! I love your go getter vibe! As soon as you send through your application, I’ll review it and if we’re a good fit I’ll be in touch with a date that we can get started.  You’ll get instant access to my signature online program, and we’ll set up our start date and call times.

How often will I have contact with you?

We will have calls once every 2 weeks.  AND, you also have access to me Monday - Friday throughout our 12 weeks together, in our own personal chat, for anything and everything that comes up in between our calls together.

Can you guarantee that I’ll get pregnant?

I wish I could, but unfortunately that is a promise that no one is able to make.  What I can promise you is that if you go all in with me, during our 12 weeks together, you will radically transform and shift the trajectory of not only your fertility, but your life as a whole, as you create the optimal landing pad for your baby.

I'm preparing for IVF or possibly IUI, is this course suitable for me?

Yes, absolutely!  Research shows that attending a mind-body program ahead of IVF or IUI treatment, increases your chance of successful conception. This program would be an amazing way to prepare your mind, body and soul ahead of your fertility treatments, to create the best possible fertile soil, ahead of your fertility treatment.  


I'm over 40, can this course help me?

100% yes!  If you're over 40, and you're still ovulating, you CAN get pregnant.  Even when our fertility begins to "decline" we generally still have thousands of eggs. The work we do in Fertile Frequency will increase your fertility despite your age, diagnosis or amount of time you've been trying to conceive. 

How do I know this course will be different to everything else I've been doing?

I totally get it!  You've been doing it all, trying it all, and on a relentless quest to get pregnant, I've been there! But what I find is that many clients have an integral piece missing from their baby-on-board plan...  The inner conscious work, that dives deep into the programming and conditioning that is being held in our cells, our tissues, our neural pathways, that is holding us back from conceiving with ease and flow.  This course really is like no other.  

But how do I know this program will work?

I get it, you’ve already spent so much of your precious time, energy and money on a million and one things that haven’t worked.  

I can totally appreciate that you may have concerns about going all in on yet another fertility investment

But here’s the thing, there’s not a diet, supplement, program or treatment out there that is going to “fix”you

And that’s probably why everything else you’ve tried hasn’t quite hit the mark

Because that just puts so much pressure on “getting” the outcome, rather than diving into the inner work that truly creates a whole-body transformation.  

And here’s what I know to be true

I know my program is different because I’ve lived it.  I know my coaching can be the tipping point that you’re looking for and craving. I’ve faced the darkest of days following my diagnosis, and made it through the other side as a better version of me, living my best life, AND I conceived against all odds at 35, and then naturally at 37

I’ve been where you are now.  I tried everything, invested in everything, put my hopes and dreams into everything, only to have them shattered time after time

And it wasn’t until I shifted the focus from everything I was “doing” to how I was “being”, that everything started to change for me.  

The deep inner work and energetics was the missing piece of the puzzle that allowed my body to shift into alignment, that allowed me to move into my next-level self

So if you’re not looking to awaken, expand and elevate your life, and only want to get pregnant, then you’re right, this program may not be for you. If you’re looking for a quick fix, and you’re not open to learning new skills or changing your perspective, then this program may not be the one for you.  If you’re looking for more information, because more will help you get pregnant quicker, then this probably isn’t the right fit for you.

Because we delve into the depths, unraveling the layers within, to heal your body from within.  

Hand on heart, there’s no way to experience the next 12 weeks and not transform your life, your next-level self and your fertility.  

You’ll feel the ripple effects on a physical, emotional and soul-level. 

Let me guide you through the ONLY transformative energetics + feminine embodiment + aligned strategy approach

that is scientifically proven to increase fertility and designed to transform the trajectory of your fertility journey.
You have me in your back pocket 24/7, you’ll receive my highest level coaching and I’m here to support you, guide you and hold your hand through it all.
Those days of feeling isolated and like no one understands are over

If your heart is racing with excitement and you also feel a little scared to make the investment, just know that this is completely normal.  

It’s a sign that you’re finally edging out of your comfort zone, the comfort zone that has kept you safe and protected for all of these years, but has also built up the walls and blocks that are keeping you stuck on your fertility journey. 
When you take the leap to step out of your comfort zone, you’re giving yourself permission to be expanded to the next level.

If you’re feeling the pull, it’s time to honor that. 

What’s possible for me, is possible for you too.  Now is your time to shine.  

I invite you to step into your next -level fertile AF self, unleash your full fertile potential and live your best life along the way.  

You got this, I’m here to hold your hand, and work with you to start expanding beyond anything you thought possible.  

Place a hand on your heart, ask if this is a HELL YES, and if so, now is your time to take the leap.

Step into your full fertile potential! Apply now:

Once you submit your application form, I'll be in touch within 48 hours. If we're a good fit, we can jump in! I only accept applicants who I feel are a good fit for Being Fertile AF, so please be as detailed as you can below, so that I can assess if this program will serve you.

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